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Tue Feb 16 16:22:56 CET 2021

The issue is in your .gitignore file, if you clone SIAMCAT from the Bioconductor repo. 

Please take a closer look.



On 2/16/21, 10:17 AM, "Bioc-devel on behalf of Jakob Wirbel" <bioc-devel-bounces using r-project.org on behalf of jakob.wirbel using embl.de> wrote:

    Hi all,

    I am maintaining the SIAMCAT R package and wanted to push some updates 
    to the bioconductor remote. It seesm to me that I have the correct 
    permissions to do this and it was never a problem in the past:

    ssh -T git using git.bioconductor.org | grep SIAMCAT
      R W    packages/SIAMCAT

    I have my local repository configured in a way that i can push both to 
    bioconductor and github from the same repo:

    git remote -v
    bioconductor    git using git.bioconductor.org:packages/SIAMCAT.git (fetch)
    bioconductor    git using git.bioconductor.org:packages/SIAMCAT.git (push)
    github    https://github.com/zellerlab/siamcat.git (fetch)
    github    https://github.com/zellerlab/siamcat.git (push)

    However, when I try to push to the bioconductor remote in my Github 
    repository, i get the following error:

    git push bioconductor master
    Counting objects: 96, done.
    Delta compression using up to 4 threads.
    Compressing objects: 100% (96/96), done.
    Writing objects: 100% (96/96), 4.41 MiB | 467.00 KiB/s, done.
    Total 96 (delta 57), reused 0 (delta 0)
    remote: Error: You cannot push without resolving merge conflicts.
    remote: Please check the files in the commit pushed to the git-server
    remote: for merge conflict markers like '<<<<<<<', '========', '>>>>>>>'.
    To git.bioconductor.org:packages/SIAMCAT.git
      ! [remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)
    error: failed to push some refs to 
    'git using git.bioconductor.org:packages/SIAMCAT.git'

    I checked all files in the repository for merge conflict markers and 
    could not find any.

    Do you know what the problem could be here?

    Thank you in advance!


    Jakob Wirbel
    Predoctoral Fellow, Zeller team
    EMBL, Meyerhofstr. 1, DE-69117 Heidelberg

    phone: +49-(0)6221-387-8312

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