[Bioc-devel] Submitted package under review: linux/Mac builds fine, warning generated in windows

James Perkins j|mrperk|n@ @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Feb 1 15:57:48 CET 2021

Hi all,

I have a package under review, ExpHunterSuite. I understand that I must get
the package running with no warnings or errors during the bioconductor
builds before I can go to the next stage of the submission process.

I have achieved this for the linux and Mac builds -

However I have the following warning with the Windows check:

* checking whether package 'ExpHunterSuite' can be installed ... WARNING
Found the following significant warnings:
  Rd warning: cannot open file
Invalid argument
for details.

Doing a bit of digging, it appears this may be related to a known issue
with the windows server, as described on the bioc-devel mailing list:

Which basically states there isn't much that can be done for now and not to

I am therefore not sure how to proceed - the warning appears to be due to
problems outside of my control and does not indicate a major issue with the
package, however if I don't solve it, the package will not go to the next

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Kindest regards,

James R Perkins PhD
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Rare Diseases Research Network (CIBERER)
Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Science Faculty, University of Malaga
29071 Malaga, Spain

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