[Bioc-devel] Adding new "DifferentialDNA3DStructure" to biocViews

Matthias Zytnicki m@tth|@@@zytn|ck| @end|ng |rom |nr@e@|r
Fri Apr 2 13:35:24 CEST 2021

Dear everyone,

First please accept my apologies if my request is not appropriate here.

If so, please suggest me how to proceed.

I would like to suggest adding a new item in the biocViews:


BiologicalQuestion -> DifferentialDNA3DStructure;


The rationale is:

  *   There are already several biocViews starting with "Differential": DifferentialExpression, DifferentialMethylation, DifferentialPeakCalling, DifferentialSplicing.
  *   The biocViews "DNA3DStructure" already exists.
  *   I can spot at least 4 bioC package that would fit in this biocViews: diffHic, HiCcompare, multiHiCcompare, TADCompare, plus the ones I am not aware of (and I obviously would like to add one in a near future).
  *   I expect several new packages in the fields: differential interactions, differential loops, differential TADs, etc.

The new biocView could be "DifferentialHiC", but I find it a bit too restrictive.

Best regards,


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