[Bioc-devel] Can we still patch a broken package in 3_11

Christian Mertes merte@ @end|ng |rom |n@tum@de
Tue Oct 20 20:14:39 CEST 2020

Dear Bioc team,

I'm very sorry to ask you this, since it is release time and you fixed
already the 3_11 branch.

But during the last 3 days, Nature decided to change their URLs and
hence it broke our OUTRIDER package and the last build of 3_11.


Would it be still possible to patch it to make it work again? I can
understand if the branch 3_11 is fixed and you do not want to touch it

I attached the patch if you decide to change it. 


Christian Mertes | PhD Student / Lab Administrator

Gagneur Lab | Computation Molecular Medicine
I29 - Department of Informatics
Technical University of Munich
Boltzmannstr. 3, 85748, Garching, Germany

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