[Bioc-devel] Issue when fetching upstream

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Tue Oct 6 17:18:31 CEST 2020


Easiest solution is to upload a new key. I’ve checked our system and everything is correct, and you seem to be doing things right on your end as well. 

The most likely problem is, when you “fetch” the wrong key is being used. 



> On Oct 6, 2020, at 11:15 AM, Hélène Borges <borges.helene.sophie using gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am the maintainer of the wpm package  (currently in devel
> on Bioconductor).
> I have fixed an issue, but when I push to the upstream, permission is
> denied. I have the correct output when I check the command "git remote -v":
> origin  https://github.com/HelBor/wpm.git (fetch)
> origin  https://github.com/HelBor/wpm.git (push)
> upstream        git using git.bioconductor.org:packages/wpm.git (fetch)
> upstream        git using git.bioconductor.org:packages/wpm.git (push)
> the trouble comes with git fetch --all: permission denied for upstream.
> I don't really understand what's happening here, because when I check on my
> Bioc Credentials, I can see that I have permission for the wpm package, and
> that the SSH key is also here...
> What should I do?
> Thanks for your help!
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