[Bioc-devel] Compiling a cpp source code while installing package

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Sat Nov 7 16:30:50 CET 2020

It would probably help to provide additional detail here; there are several examples of packages that build C / C++ libraries from source, a common pattern is to have a package dedicated to providing the library, e.g., Rhtslib or Rhdf5lib, or of building the library as part of the software package itself.

It's worth assessing whether the functionality is worth it (e.g., why use a random number generator from another package, when one can use the R random number generator) or already implemented (e.g., linear algebra in RcppArmadillo).


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    Hi! I tried to look this up in the FAQ & best practices but couldn't find it.

    My in-the-works package needs to call a legacy C++ software from time to time.

    Since that C++ software is open-source, is there a way to make my package compile the source (during R package installation) I'm going to include? That'd make my package's dependency localized and well-controlled, but any other alternative is welcome (except Rcpp, which would take too many months to rewrite into the legacy C++ software).

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