[Bioc-devel] [rOpenSci] Community Call: Maintaining an R Package

Leonardo Collado Torres |co||@dotor @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Fri Mar 6 04:50:05 CET 2020

Hi BioC-devel,

Since 2018 I've been interacting with rOpenSci's organizers. For those
that don't know, rOpenSci https://ropensci.org/ is a non-profit that
aims to

> make scientific data retrieval reproducible. Over the past seven years we have developed an ecosystem of open source tools, we run annual unconferences, and review community developed software.

(taken from their https://ropensci.org/about/ page) That is, they are
in some ways similar to Bioconductor and that's why they want to build
a bridge between the two communities.

Stefanie Butland, their community manager, invited me to be a part of
a community call (webinar) on the topic of Maintaining an R Package in
order to bring in a little bit of the Bioconductor perspective. They
have a pretty nice system where they take questions before hand
through a GitHub issue page, so please feel free to chime in. I think
that besides the Bioconductor side, I bring in a bit of the CDSB
perspective (the work we do to help others in Mexico and Latin
America). In any case, feel free to tune in to the webinar (details
below) as well as share the information with anyone who might be



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