[Bioc-devel] CDSB Workshop 2020: Building workflows with RStudio and Bioconductor for single cell RNA-seq analysis

Leonardo Collado Torres |co||@dotor @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Fri Mar 6 04:42:54 CET 2020


I should clarify that this workshop will be held in Cuernavaca,
Morelos, Mexico during August 3rd to the 7th, 2020.


On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 10:05 PM Leonardo Collado Torres
<lcolladotor using gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi BioC-devel!
> We just made the announcement of our CDSB 2020 workshop at
> https://support.bioconductor.org/p/128868/ + Twitter & Facebook (both
> in English and Spanish). Joselyn and Rob will be among our
> instructors. Thank you Bioconductor Foundation for the support!
> Please help us spreading the word around. Also, if you have any
> contacts that you think might be interested in sponsoring the
> workshop, please let us know. At
> https://comunidadbioinfo.github.io/niveles-de-patrocinio/ we answer
> the question why should you support us? Thanks!
> Best,
> Leo
> Leonardo Collado Torres, Ph. D., Staff Scientist II
> Lieber Institute for Brain Development
> 855 N Wolfe St, Suite 300
> Baltimore, MD 21205
> Website: http://lcolladotor.github.io

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