[Bioc-devel] bsapply and vcountPattern: sapply -> bplapply

Bhagwat, Aditya Ad|ty@@Bh@gw@t @end|ng |rom mp|-bn@mpg@de
Thu Jan 2 10:20:01 CET 2020

Dear Herve & co,

Wish you a happy new year :-).

I am optimizing code that calls BSgenome::vcountPDict.
BSgenome::vcountPDict calls bsapply, which calls sapply.

Could this sapply be replaced by a bplapply instead - that would turn all the vcount, vmatch, etc operations into parallellized operations, by just a minimal intervention (sapply -> bplapply).

Or is there a reason why this was not done, or perhaps is there an alternative paradigm which you use for speeding up things?


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