[Bioc-devel] warning: file link '%>%' in package 'magrittr' does not exist and so has been treated as a topic

Martin Morgan mtmorg@n@b|oc @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Feb 13 04:45:58 CET 2020

This warning

* checking whether package 'ttBulk' can be installed ... WARNING
Found the following significant warnings:
  Rd warning: C:/Users/pkgbuild/AppData/Local/Temp/Rtmp6Js8e8/R.INSTALL1ddcdee5581/ttBulk/man/reexports.Rd:19: file link '%>%' in package 'magrittr' does not exist and so has been treated as a topic
See 'C:/Users/pkgbuild/packagebuilder/workers/jobs/1330/8048f88/ttBulk.Rcheck/00install.out' for details.

is actually about the documentation for '%>%'. In your previous 'man' page you had


which from reading 'Writing R Extensions' RShowDoc("R-exts") section 2.5 'Cross-references' indicates that you're trying to link to an html page named '%>%.html' in the magrittr package, but actually the man page is 'pipe.html' (e.g., by using help.start() and browsing manually to the help page). While it's possible to link to that help page, you should instead just \code{\link{\%>\%}} and R (possibly with the user choosing the package) will generate the correct link.

Your package is too deep into the roxygen foo for me to know what you need to do to generate the appropriate link (or even where the link is generated...); maybe there's a roxygen expert on the mailing list who can help (or you can perhaps post here where you generate the reexports.Rd page from).

Also, your github repository seems VERY LARGE (I lost patience trying to clone it, although my current link is quite slow); this http://bioconductor.org/developers/how-to/git/remove-large-data/ might provide some hints for removing large commits.

Hope that helps,


On 2/12/20, 9:51 PM, "Bioc-devel on behalf of stefano" <bioc-devel-bounces using r-project.org on behalf of mangiolastefano using gmail.com> wrote:

    Hello Community,
    The CHECK Windows server gives me a warning when I try to reexport an
    existing operator magrittr::`%>%`
    #' @importFrom magrittr %>%
    #' @export
    okay2 Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard/x64
    malbec2 Linux (Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS)/x86_64
    Here is the log
    I looked online but I could not find a definitive answer. An advice will be
    highly appreciated.
    Best wishes.
    *Stefano *
    Stefano Mangiola | Postdoctoral fellow
    Papenfuss Laboratory
    The Walter Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
    +61 (0)466452544
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