[Bioc-devel] ptime ERROR

Andris Jankevics A@J@nkev|c@ @end|ng |rom bh@m@@c@uk
Thu Feb 6 17:17:10 CET 2020

Hi Chris,

Error message is caused by changes in R 4.0.0.

You can find more details here https://developer.r-project.org/Blog/public/2019/11/09/when-you-think-class.-think-again/index.html.

In short you have to check all cases where you are using `class()` in your code.



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This is the error, sorry my hand slipped when writing the last email. Thank you.

checking examples ... ERROR

Running examples in �M3C-Ex.R� failed
The error most likely occurred in:

> base::assign(".ptime", proc.time(), pos = "CheckExEnv")

On Thu, 6 Feb 2020 at 16:07, Christopher John <chris.r.john86 using gmail.com>

> Hi
> I was wondering will this error disappear by itself? Because I did not
> change the package.
> Thanks,
> Chris

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