[Bioc-devel] Question about "Warning: '.local' is deprecated."

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Mon Apr 27 11:28:48 CEST 2020

I would suggest forcing warnings to errors


and then when the now-error occurs using


to see what is wrong -- I think this is a call to a deprecated S4 method, and what you'd really like is the method signature.


On 4/27/20, 2:58 AM, "Bioc-devel on behalf of Jakob Theorell" <bioc-devel-bounces using r-project.org on behalf of jakob.theorell using ndcn.ox.ac.uk> wrote:

    Dear all,
    In one of my packages, flowSpecs, I have over the last weeks gotten this warning message:

    * checking examples ... WARNING
    Found the following significant warnings:

      Warning: '.local' is deprecated.
    Deprecated functions may be defunct as soon as of the next release of
    See ?Deprecated.

    I am trying my best to check the ?Deprecated pages, but I find them quite uninformative, and the specific deprecation help does not take me further either, it only says:

    > .Deprecated(old = ".local")
    Warning message:
    '.local' is deprecated.
    See help("Deprecated")

    And most annoying of all: there are no .local calls in the package since weeks back. Very thankful for any input that can straighten this out.
    Best regards

    Jakob Theorell, MD/PhD
    Autoimmune Neurology Group
    Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences
    University of Oxford
    Phone: +447597976151

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