[Bioc-devel] Problem with uncompressing files on tokay1?

Martin Morgan mtmorg@n@b|oc @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Nov 25 15:39:57 CET 2019

Thanks this seems like a problem with large file size on Windows, probably in Rhtslib.

It might be better practice and more reliable to use BiocFileCache for downloads, e.g.,

url = "ftp://ftp.plantgenie.org/Tutorials/RnaSeqTutorial/data/star/unitTest/213.1_subset_sortmerna_trimmomatic_sorted.bam.bai"
BiocFileCache::bfcrpath(rnames = url)

which downloads (once) and returns the path to the cached file.


On 11/25/19, 8:24 AM, "Bioc-devel on behalf of Nicolas Delhomme" <bioc-devel-bounces using r-project.org on behalf of nicolas.delhomme using umu.se> wrote:

    The easyRNASeq package is not building on tokay1, with what seems to be a file decompression issue?
    It works fine on the other OSs. 
    The error is triggered while downloading a small dataset during the vignette creation. I use `download.file` as the function to fetch the data, so it should be cross-platform compatible. I have no easy access to a windows machine, so I can’t easily reproduce the problem. Any insight into what could be the reason would be much appreciated :-)
    The easy solution would be to turn off the evaluation of that section of the vignette, but I’d rather not as it is a good test of the complete functionality of the package (something that would feel ill-fitted as a unit test).
    Thanks in advance,
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