[Bioc-devel] Bioc_check on devel - Checking R Version dependency warning

Ahmed Mohamed moh@med @end|ng |rom ku|cr@kyoto-u@@c@jp
Wed Mar 27 05:54:14 CET 2019

Hi all,

I noticed that bioc_check on devel checks for R version dependency, and
produces a warning to change R dependency to 3.6 (currently set as R >=
3.5.0). Just quickly looking at Bioconductor packages, it seems that at
least half of the packages will have this warning, if tested. It also means
that packages will need to change R dependency each release cycle (and
different R versions for release and devel).

To be honest, I am not fully convinced also on the rationale behind it.

"BiocCheck checks to make sure that the R version specified matches the
version currently used by *Bioconductor*. This prevents the package from
being used in earlier versions of R, which is not recommended and is a
frequent cause of user confusion (WARNING)."

Currently, I am using TravisCI to Bioc_check my package on both release and
devel modes, so it is not also possible to change the R version as
suggested in the warning. I wonder if there is a possible work around,
other than looking the other way.

Link to build here:


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