[Bioc-devel] Call for collaborators/advice

Luke Klein |k|e|001 @end|ng |rom ucr@edu
Fri Mar 22 17:31:28 CET 2019

I am writing a package that will extend the GenomicInteractions class.  I am a statistician, so I may not know best practices when it comes to extending existing classes (eg. should I make a new slot or simply add a column to the `elementMetadata`?  Are there existing functions that already do what I am attempting?).  

I am not familiar with Bioc-Devel decorum, so if asking this here is inappropriate, kindly let me know.

About my project:

In the first step, I am hoping to implement a HiC binning function on HiC data contained in a GenomicInteractions set.  I aim to:

	- Reorder the anchor pairs (I will explain in more detail to anyone that wants to help)
	- Collapse the regions to the desires bin width
	- Sum the counts within each bin
	- Update the anchors to agree with the new/updated regions

This will set the stage for the new class that I hope to create for HiC domain calling, but I need to achieve the above tasks first.

All the best to everyone!	

— Luke Klein
    PhD Student
    Department of Statistics
    University of California, Riverside
    lklei001 using ucr.edu

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