[Bioc-devel] mzR update in the making: any Travis experts ?

Neumann, Steffen @neum@nn @end|ng |rom |pb-h@||e@de
Mon Mar 4 20:34:05 CET 2019


TL;DR: How can I get to see the *.log files for more information ?!

I am working on an upgrade of the C++ code in mzR,
which is challenging to build cross-platform, 
so we use travis to check before pushing/breaking BioC.

The Travis config [1] is fairly simple, with main modification
that we increase the timeouts. 

Issue is, the builds in [2] e.g. don't give me enough information
why the build fails. Build is OK:

  Still running (9 of 40): R CMD build .
  The command R CMD build . exited with 0.

but check fails:

  Still running (1 of 40): R CMD check --no-build-vignettes --no-
vignettes mzR_2.17.1.tar.gz
  The command R CMD check --no-build-vignettes --no-vignettes
mzR_2.17.1.tar.gz exited with 1.

and logs are not informative enough:

  * checking whether package ‘mzR’ can be installed ... ERROR
    Installation failed.
    See ‘/home/travis/build/sneumann/mzR/mzR.Rcheck/00install.out’ for
  * DONE
    Status: 1 ERROR, 2 NOTEs
    See ‘/home/travis/build/sneumann/mzR/mzR.Rcheck/00check.log’ for

=> How can I get to see the *.log files for more information ?!

Thanks in advance, 

[2] https://travis-ci.org/sneumann/mzR/branches
[3] https://travis-ci.org/sneumann/mzR/builds/501622960


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