[Bioc-devel] Failing to get updated version of the package on Bioconductor

Hamed Haseli h@medhm @end|ng |rom eb|@@c@uk
Mon Jul 15 15:17:02 CEST 2019

Dear All,

I have always problems with updating the R package on Bioconductor and
installing the updated version of the package fro the repository.

The workflow that I follow is like:

   1. Make changes into the source code
   2. Increase the subversion x.y.z to x.y.(z+1)
   3. Push the changes to the repository
   4. Waiting for a day or more for the package to be compiled by

Doing the workflow above, I do not see the changes when I install the
package from Bioconductor. Please can you help?


Hamed Haseli.M

| Hamed Haseli.M, PhD (Statistics)
| Data Scientist, Mouse Informatics
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