[Bioc-devel] Forking out modules from existing packages as new packages

Koustav Pal kou@t@v@p@| @end|ng |rom ||om@eu
Fri Aug 23 14:08:29 CEST 2019


I have a curious scenario, I have a package which has some visualisation modules. But, as package development progresses, I think that possibly the visualisation modules themselves might deserve a package for themselves. This would imply, 

1. Removing the aforementioned modules from the first package
2. Making a new package for these modules and submitting a new package to Bioconductor. 

Has this been done before? What are the best practices? To remove the modules entirely? Or to preserve the old ones in the package while continuing development of the new package? 

Is it then possible to create a suite-like package, similar to tidyverse, where users say BiocManager::install(“Set_of_bla_bla_packages”)?

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