[Bioc-devel] New Feature: Ability to control pre-receive hooks in a modular way is active

Turaga, Nitesh Nite@h@Tur@g@ @ending from Ro@wellP@rk@org
Thu Oct 11 17:58:59 CEST 2018

Hello Core team and Maintainers, 

We have just launched a new feature to regulate packages on git.bioconductor.org. The feature gives the core team, the ability to easily “disable" hooks for each package (software, data-experiment, and workflow) as needed. 

The hooks should be modified using a config file called “hooks.conf” which is available inside the “hook_maintainer.git” repository inside git.bioconductor.org/admin. With the file, “hooks.conf" you can individually modify which hooks are disabled for each package. 

The “hooks.conf" assumes that THREE pre-receive hooks are applied to each software package 

	1. pre-receive-hook-large-files : prevents large files > 5MB
	2. pre-receive-hook-duplicate-commits: prevents duplicate commits
	3. pre-receive-hook-version-numbers: prevents bad version numbers. 

The "hooks.conf" assumes that TWO pre-receive hooks are applied to each data-experiment and workflow package 

	1. pre-receive-hook-duplicate-commits: prevents duplicate commits
	2. pre-receive-hook-version-numbers: prevents bad version numbers. 

With “hooks.conf", you can disable a single or multiple hooks per package as needed by adding,

	Package: <name of package>
	pre-receive-hook-large-files: False
	pre-receive-hook-duplicate-commits: False
	pre-receive-hook-version-numbers: False

Core team members sometimes disable the hooks only for one commit to give special permission for a package, then it is important to note that the line in “hooks.conf" which disables the hook for the package, has to be removed. 

For maintainers,

If your package needs permission to disable a hook, clearly explain why the hook needs to be disabled. This is an extreme step, and you package should almost always fall under the regulations of these hooks. It is always better to discuss the issue on bioc-devel before trying to disable a hook.

If you have any questions about this new feature, please let me know.


Nitesh Turaga
Bioconductor Core Team

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