[Bioc-devel] use bioc docker images to reproduce linux build error?

Obenchain, Valerie V@lerie@Obench@in @ending from Ro@wellP@rk@org
Sat Nov 17 00:04:40 CET 2018

Hi Paul,

I can reproduce the error on my Linux system but not on the Mac and am 
not sure why this is. Haven't tried Windows yet but from the looks of 
the build report that one is fine too.

R CMD check on Linux is failing on this line in 

   db <- dbConnect(driver, user = user, host = host, dbname = dbname)

Does this need a password (and probably DBI::dbConnect for completeness)?

There is a similar line in 
getEncodeRegulatoryTableNames,HumanDHSFilter-method which isn't failing 
R CMD check because the man page example is wrapped in /dontrun but it 
does fail for me when run manually. I think this one may also need a 
password - if you want to give me one off-line I can test this theory.

   db <- DBI::dbConnect(driver, user = user, host = host, dbname = dbname)

I see a .BBSoptions in trena for exclusion on Windows. The reason it's 
not being respected is because it's malformed and needs a space after 
the comma between the platforms. Just curious, what was the reason for 
excluding this on Windows?


On 11/15/18 9:23 AM, Paul Shannon wrote:
> Our package “trena” has had build errors these last two weeks.  I have not yet been able to reproduce them on a macOS laptop.
> Would it be sensible to get the latest release and devel docker images for Bioconductor?  Are they similar enough to the build system to give me good odds on reproducing the errors seen there?
>   - Paul
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