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Fri Nov 2 15:05:03 CET 2018

For which BiocManager::version() is this? BiocManager::valid() checks within versions, and if there's no GenomicFeatures to reference, then there is no way to flag it as out-of-date, sort of like a package you'd installed that was in neither CRAN nor Bioconductor.

Though of course we'd like GenomicFeatures to be available in 3.8


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    Seem broken in release.
    And btw., because it is broken, when I run
    it doesn't report GenomicFeatures as out of date, despite the fact that I
    have version 1.33.2 installed, and there are newer versions in the 1.33.x
    hierarchy and the "right" (but broken) version in Bioc 3.8 is 1.34.0.
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