[Bioc-devel] Warning in 'CHECK' report for Windows machine after release version bump

Jakob Willforss j@kob@willfor@@ @ending from immun@lth@@e
Thu Nov 1 08:51:39 CET 2018

Hi! Getting closer to release, exciting!

Today I saw that the build for my package NormalyzerDE gave a warning after the release version bumps,
but only on the Windows build machine. No code has been changed from previously succeeding builds.

It seems to be unable to find certain functions in the libraries xts and ggplot2 (see warning below). It seems to build fine on the Ubuntu and Mac

Do you think this is something to worry about, or is it likely to be something temporary to the build machines? I wonder in particular as my work environment (and debugging environment of choice) is Linux, where the problem don't seem to be reproduced.

Best wishes,

The warning:

* checking whether package �NormalyzerDE� can be installed ... WARNING
Found the following significant warnings:
  Warning: S3 method �xts::as.xts.data.table� was declared in NAMESPACE but not found
  Warning: S3 methods �ggplot2::autoplot.zoo�, �ggplot2::fortify.zoo� were declared in NAMESPACE but not found
See �/Users/biocbuild/bbs-3.9-bioc/meat/NormalyzerDE.Rcheck/00install.out� for details.

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