[Bioc-devel] Warnings in build for BioCor

Robert Castelo robert.castelo at upf.edu
Wed Feb 28 14:26:33 CET 2018


something you can do in you NAMESPACE to follow the advice below from 
Matthias if you are importing the functionality of a whole package is:

import(pkgyouneed, except=functionmethodyoudefine)

in this way, you're importing everything except that particular function 
or method that you are defining in your own package.



On 28/02/2018 12:51, Matthias Döring wrote:
> DearLluis,
> how is your namespace defined? Do you use 'import' or 'importFrom' to 
> load the package in question? If you are currently using 'import' to 
> load all exports from the package, you could switch to 'importFrom' 
> and exclude the function that causes the problems and then use the 
> double-colon operator when referring to the package's function.
> Kind regards
>  Matthias
> On 02/28/2018 11:31 AM, Lluís Revilla wrote:
>> Dear bioconductor core,
>> The development version of my package hosted in Github cannot be 
>> build. It
>> seems that another package is loaded when it shouldn't and masks the
>> functions that are used in the vignette. (In case anyone wants to 
>> help here
>> is the link to the StackOverflow question:
>> https://stackoverflow.com/q/49002455/2886003)
>> Additionally the current version hosted in Bioconductor has a warning in
>> the windows build. Which I hoped to correct for these release.
>> I don't know if I will find a solution on time for the next release 
>> (which
>> I expect in three weeks), but I am worried I won't be able to fix it on
>> time.
>> The End Of Life page of Bioconductor only talks about errors not 
>> warnings,
>> and I couldn't find if this has been discussed previously in the 
>> archive. I
>> would like to know if I can leave the development version as is (until I
>> find a solution) or should I aim to correct the warning for the next
>> release?
>> Many thanks,
>> Lluís Revilla
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