[Bioc-devel] Aliasing `]` breaks BiocCheck::BiocCheck() version 1.18.0

Shian Su @u@@ @ending from wehi@edu@@u
Tue Dec 18 02:34:10 CET 2018

Hi all,

If you put

foo <- `[`

Somewhere in a package, it will trigger

Error in makeUsageCollector(fun, ...) : only works for closures

In BiocCheck::BiocCheck() (version 1.18.0). This comes from

if (typeof(fun) != "closure")
        stop("only works for closures")

In codetools::makeUsageCollector(), but

> typeof(`[`)
## "special"

Not that it matters for my use-case because I had discovered magrittr’s extract alias, but it might be an edge case worth covering, especially since the error message is so cryptic.

Kind regards,
Shian Su


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