[Bioc-devel] Setup for pushing changes in unifiedWMWqPCR to bioconductor git.

Obenchain, Valerie Valerie.Obenchain at RoswellPark.org
Thu Apr 12 17:49:28 CEST 2018


On 04/12/2018 03:02 AM, Joris Meys wrote:

Hi all,

For the package unifiedWMWqPCR I want to push some updates on the
documentation, but apparently I don't have access to the bioconductor git
any longer. I had to completely reinstall my system here, so probably
either my key got lost, or I'm using the wrong account to push.

I tried to find out what key and user was registered, but couldn't find it.
Hence a few questions:

- Is there any way to find out how I am registered today (i.e. name and
public key)?

For now this is still a manual process. Soon we hope to have an app that you can interact with that will supply this information.

As user 'j.meyes' you have access to unifiedWMWqPCR and we have 3 keys for you:

~/git.bioconductor.org/admin/gitolite-admin/keydir >cat key-1/j.meys.pub
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCoPGY+EOzCkrmxQ6CJS9r4PHpwoSJTxdFUzZ2jiS3dV5uJonYdAQKj/q7Sm0y154xUk8aUfIaJgOYTkLGTm8RF9xKpC5O3bKJe3QR4NnTd2+VesnDv3dmVpidAd42ufOp2c/F4pG0xbU7uxq8LVR1PLZMGJH0KqywQ9BJ+NKCyQmRc1BwcC+q3mHOKiprewhlkLwwy416ZVUB/MPciKTciaHV7IoTT/yDlyxq2I+68IiTt+i+WlGfG3uYwi4sdry+FpK0YR7AzZY4+l+KJBA3+YRx+6M9yJF1xt/BDLo84z7NAu6KVElAP98GuxheKT0VRu5YtfdPBLmLEnG37plwx

~/git.bioconductor.org/admin/gitolite-admin/keydir >cat key-2/j.meys.pub
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDOT4AHsEmXzNPptDOOWSBMBhpE3Tebe5rnW4Vo9IH7OME4cxBCZwufZFGRDwE27SjLXJWYDObo4KuLcqmoC0iEzRE03JR9Eq/0EPnit4K6wrkUUjNsN1jVhWhjsx755qI0mc9NigokyoTa2wqXwWN2ADDgAqM0BaTjdoI8MYU3ckEgfOKrNBEYOu4yuXl5+sSCSPVKuAMR996F30s4iJcajBMhb9lppfRvthvbUf70w9osGCUsZz4lLwXFuG4h45ve5D+FiJb0aVehkxDJIl0FTLoY65Mm4vYCtpHR1SZGibg7xGLMYgz1ioQf3Wa2JElO70lrpCd6Zczn1Baa4Aqn

~/git.bioconductor.org/admin/gitolite-admin/keydir >cat key-3/j.meys.pub
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCd6VZDI5I2ared2rEUQZOCI8xtlsn7EEKbcrASMz60ug8bAXD73NpIOyPDonpyjluGjb+0/xy/j7OTI+yx5CMFdVc9mUVZMHS9z0iTYHygnXCNmTXgMLwMDW7u2h8D98DmrHzE5uhdxLDIWE/1Cq42eckcgFexQLt4GkB98NZFpXYqIJzJWedWOy3PCfBGrXYC6V4L+sJyRzGq8xUJ/KMVRBwPMgQQC4tUjfxtgWjCtpe+H9JFCNHkBOpwDRLYAdsuxaOPuKDAhUN/GV9wHUUihbz5iq8SS3Rt1MFtkwQ7u8lu4kpUHMTregCQuhkgkv9MuROZahfXeMGXtE6VsHEx

- I'm JoFAM on github, but the repo is in an organization called
CenterForStatistics-UGent. What github name do I use then for sending a new
public key?

Do you not have access to these 3 keys? I would try those first.

If you have lost all 3 keys, you can register as user 'j.meyes' and give your github username 'JoFAM' instead of a key. We will scrape
https://github.com/JoFAM.keys for keys (if they differ from the 3 above).

- I use my work email for maintaining the package, but my account is set to
my personal email. Is that a problem and if so, how should I tackle that?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'account'. Ideally you register in the Google Sheet with the same email that is in DESCRIPTION in your package.


Thank you in advance.

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