[Bioc-devel] build_vignette

Kenneth Condon roonysgalbi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 23:06:28 CEST 2018


I am creating my first package and have run into an issue when building the
vignette with devtools::build_vignette() in Rstudio.

In a nutshell, I add_vignette() , make a few edits, build_vignette, view
the redered html.

That is all fine until I try to make more edits to the .Rmd file.

As soon as I try to build_vignette()  and overwrite the current vignettes,
all that happens is the .Rmd file is deleted, and the newly edited .html +
.R files remain in the vignettes folder (not copied to inst/docs).

I wouldn't mind this, but for the deletion of the .Rmd file

So is build_vignette designed to just be run once on a complette .Rmd file?
How do I view the redered edits I make? Do people just use pandoc?


	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]

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