[Bioc-devel] invalid PDF version and NULL vector errors in unchanged package

Sokratis Kariotis s.kariotis at sheffield.ac.uk
Wed May 17 15:39:42 CEST 2017

Hey all,

I maintain 'pathprint', a package added to bioconductor in the last
release. Now the BioC 3.6 BUILD (
<http://bioconductor.org/checkResults/3.6/bioc-LATEST/pathprint/> is
producing an error in all 3 platforms (despite it used to be error-free and
there were no changes to the code after that). *malbec1* and *tokay1* share
the same error:

Error: processing vignette 'exampleFingerprint.Rnw' failed with diagnostics:
invalid PDF version
Execution halted

while *veracruz1* provides a different error

Error: processing vignette 'exampleFingerprint.Rnw' failed with diagnostics:
 chunk 2 (label = data)
Error in array(x, c(length(x), 1L), if (!is.null(names(x))) list(names(x),  :
  'data' must be of a vector type, was 'NULL'
Execution halted

The two errors seem to be different, the first one appears at the very
beginning and is general,
while the second one is having a problem with the data chuck of the file.

Could any changes in BioC 3.6 be responsible, since the code didnt
change at all? Thanks in advance for any help!



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