[Bioc-devel] Commiting from git to svn

Lluís Revilla lluis.revilla at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 17:18:35 CEST 2017

Dear all,

Short problem: I am a trying to sync my new package BioCor git repository
with the Bioconductor svn repository. But I am failing when I do git svn

Long history of the problem
I did some changes on my master branch (where I developed until now) then I
used the update_remotes.sh which created a new branch.
I changed to that branch (git checkout devel), changed its name (git branch
-m devel bioc/devel) and used (git svn rebase) following the instructions.
I brought the changes by merging the branches (git merge master)and wanted
to push it to the svn server with (git svn dcommit --add-author-from) .
As expected I had some merge conflicts (apparently originated because the
initial commit to that repository wasn't with the code I submitted)
I skipped them (git rebase --skip) until it ended the rebase at the moment
I am only with the changes I performed after submitting the package, as
compared with the Bioconductor-mirror (previously the branch was ahead of
'bioc/master' by 173 commits):
git status
Your branch is ahead of 'bioc/master' by 11 commits.

However when I try to sync and commit with svn I can't (BTW it wasn't clear
to me how to add my username for git svn repository otherwise I am prompted
with tue username of my machine, so maybe it is still wrong):

git svn dcommit --add-author-from --username l.revilla

Authentication realm: <https://hedgehog.fhcrc.org:443> The bioconductor
Subversion Repository
Password for 'l.revilla':

URL access forbidden for unknown reason: POST of '/bioconductor/!svn/me':
403 Forbidden (https://hedgehog.fhcrc.org)
W: 3d12099bda0c61d0a63a787ebb9cbe3b2e06770d and refs/remotes/svn differ,
using rebase:
:040000 040000 985b6b2986a31a3eff4161563a5585ea10467787
c8d818d0ed3196d391f914996dd26354004df665 M    R
:100644 000000 8e2bef6bf185b9bbc9da7e500bdb394396ccad99
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 D    bio_cor.R
:040000 040000 ed161436ea9089f70f74f2e1ea79e53a796eed5b
378a5b97d68ecfa7430bebdaba2c5b6540e6051e M    man
:040000 040000 65b109ed754cd8aa35a2fcaceea8c05fdbe91899
594d15d7838d2096afda7b5697242e48bb7fce42 M    tests
:040000 040000 474a6a48c23f1bce377071b58e0b87f161b2a5cf
6be3cd535391595a962f610dad103e88b2fc32bd M    vignettes
Current branch bioc/devel is up to date.
ERROR: Not all changes have been committed into SVN, however the committed
ones (if any) seem to be successfully integrated into the working tree.
Please see the above messages for details.

How can I push the new commits to the svn repository?

Many thanks!


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