[Bioc-devel] Change in the function getHPa( ) of the hpar package

Rodriguez Martinez, Andrea andrea.rodriguez-martinez13 at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Sep 29 16:24:31 CEST 2016


I've just noticed that the function getHPa package has recently changed in the devel branch of the package, as follows:

# Old function (in the current release branch)

getHpa(id, hpadata = "NormalTissue")

#New function (in the current devel branch)

getHpa(id, hpadata = "hpaNormalTissue")

A function of my package (MetaboSignal) uses this function from the hpar package, so today I had to update my code according to this modification of the getHpa function. I just wanted to confirm that the next release version of hpar is going to keep this new version of the getHpa function. Otherwise, I guess this might cause trouble with the upcoming release version of MetaboSignal. Would it be worthy to write my own getHpa function to avoid this kind of problems ?

Thanks very much in advance,


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