[Bioc-devel] rhdf5::h5createFile() prints "Set libver lower bound to 18"

Aaron Lun alun at wehi.edu.au
Mon Sep 5 19:30:56 CEST 2016

Dear list and Bernd,

rhdf5 v2.17.5 now prints out a message when h5createFile() gets called:

 > library(rhdf5)
 > h5createFile("ex_createFile.h5")
[1] "Set libver lower bound to 18"
[1] TRUE

I'm not a HDF5 expert, but is this message really necessary? It only 
seems helpful if someone gets errors from trying to read a file created 
in this manner with a HDF5 library version < 18. However, at that point, 
they're probably not in the same R session (or, indeed, using R/BioC at 
all) and will have long forgotten about this version info.

If it is required, then wouldn't message() be a more appropriate output 
method? This would allow me to silence it with suppressMessages().



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