[Bioc-devel] Reset SVN repo to earlier state

Lukas Weber lukmweber at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 10:56:28 CET 2016


Is there any way to reset the devel branch of a package SVN repo / git
mirror to an earlier state, or simply to delete the devel branch and start
again from a copy of release-3.4?

I made a mess in my SVN repo by trying to combine my previous git history
(prior to Bioconductor acceptance) together with new commits from SVN in a
single git branch. Unfortunately, at one point I dcommitted all the old git
commits on top of the existing commits in the SVN repo, which was not a
very good idea. Now the SVN repo appears to be stuck (possibly due to
changes in the version number in DESCRIPTION).

Ideally, I would like to just delete the whole devel branch and start again
from a fresh copy of release-3.4, but I'm not sure if this can be done
without manual intervention. Alternatively, if there is a way to reset to
this earlier git-svn-id, that could also work:
All my work since then is backed up elsewhere, so I can recover everything
from there.

A link to the package is here:

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience,

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