[Bioc-devel] What are the differences between Bioc Views: MethylSeq, DNAMethylation and DifferentialMethylation

Marcin Kosiński m.p.kosinski at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 16:56:12 CET 2016

Dear Bioc devs,

I am looking for a tool to jointly analyze methylation and expression data
from TCGA.

As I haven't earlier used R for finding differentially methylated bases or
regions I thought Bioc Views would be a great start to look for the tool to
analyze the methylation data.

I am wondering: what are differences in those 3 Bioc Views: *MethylSeq,
DNAMethylation and DifferentialMethylation*. Aren't they all created to
list packages that aims to manage, analyze and visualize methylation
datasets? Can't there be one Bioc View called `Methylation`?

Thanks for the response and the indulgence,

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