[Bioc-devel] Vignette name not appearing on bioconductor package page

Dan Tenenbaum dtenenba at fredhutch.org
Thu Mar 31 18:09:16 CEST 2016

You have two titles in the vignette and the second one is blank:

dtenenba at Dans-Air:~/devel/CINdex/vignettes$ grep VignetteIndexEntry CINdex.Rnw

Remove the second one.

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> From: "Krithika Bhuvaneshwar" <kb472 at georgetown.edu>
> To: "bioc-devel" <bioc-devel at r-project.org>
> Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2016 8:42:51 AM
> Subject: [Bioc-devel] Vignette name not appearing on bioconductor package	page

> Hello,
> We are working on fine tuning our newly pre-accepted BioC package.
> We have two vignettes - an .Rnw file and another .Rmd file.
> If you see the screen shot in this email, you will see that there is
> no title or tag for my .Rnw file seen (first document in screen shot).
> But the .Rmd file vignette (second document in screenshot) has a file
> name.
> My .Rnw has an entry like this:
> %\VignetteIndexEntry{CINdex Tutorial}
> , but I had to comment it out because the package gave this error
> during build if I had that line. When I commented out this line,
> everything worked fine.
> Undefined control sequence
> The control sequence at the end of the top line
> of your error message was never \def'ed.
> Question - How can I get the file name or some title to appear on the
> Bioconductor page ?
> Thanks,
> --Krithika
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