[Bioc-devel] some fixed bugs are not displayed properly in website

Gmail2 xiaobinxing0316 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 13:34:46 CET 2016

Dear Bioc-dev guys,

I recently fixed some bugs in my package SICtools and commit the changes into Release_3_2. To my surprise, it seems that the source in the website (http://bioconductor.org/packages/3.2/bioc/html/SICtools.html <http://bioconductor.org/packages/3.2/bioc/html/SICtools.html>) was not updated at all. 

1) On obvious discrepancy is that I replaced doMC with doParallel, however, in the Depends part, still doMC is displayed; and I checked the source, it’s still the old one.

2) One more thing, when I try to install the package using 


I got an error message “Warning message: package ‘SICtools’ is not available”. Anyway, it should be installed even for the old version...

Can you please help me with these two issues? Thank you very much!

Best regards,


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