[Bioc-devel] fail to build a package after updating Bioconductor packages

Fan, Jean jeanfan at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Jan 27 15:35:42 CET 2016

Hi Yu,

It looks like you’re using R Markdown v2 instead of R Markdown v1 so you will have to change your vignette engine.
Your vignette likely contains %\VignetteEngine{knitr::knitr}
You will need to change this to %\VignetteEngine{knitr::rmarkdown}
And you will need to add both knitr and rmarkdown to your DESCRIPTION Suggestions if they are not present already


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Harvard University
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On Jan 27, 2016, at 9:26 AM, Ge Tan <ge_tan at live.com<mailto:ge_tan at live.com>> wrote:

The error message explains the reason. Just install pandoc and pandoc-citeproc.


On 27/01/2016, 14:20, "Bioc-devel on behalf of Yu Sun" <bioc-devel-bounces at r-project.org<mailto:bioc-devel-bounces at r-project.org> on behalf of sunyu1357 at gmail.com<mailto:sunyu1357 at gmail.com>> wrote:


I am very new in developing bioconductor packages, and had an annoying
problem yesterday afternoon. I wrote a package named sscu and it used to
have no problem to build a tarball, and I plan to submit it to Bioconductor
very soon. But yesterday after I updated my bioconductor packages using the


I got errors when building my package

yu at molev32-23:~/r_packages> R CMD build sscu
* checking for file ‘sscu/DESCRIPTION’ ... OK
* preparing ‘sscu’:
* checking DESCRIPTION meta-information ... OK
* installing the package to process help pages
* saving partial Rd database
* creating vignettes ... ERROR
Warning in engine$weave(file, quiet = quiet, encoding = enc) :
 Pandoc (>= 1.12.3) and/or pandoc-citeproc is not available. Please
install both.
Warning in readLines(con) : incomplete final line found on 'sscu.Rmd'
Error: processing vignette 'sscu.Rmd' failed with diagnostics:
It seems you should call rmarkdown::render() instead of knitr::knit2html()
because sscu.Rmd appears to be an R Markdown v2 document.
Execution halted

Is there someone can explain what is the problem here? Thanks!


Yu Sun
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
BMC, Uppsala University

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