[Bioc-devel] Common workflow to build an microarray annatation package, like hgu133a.db

Zhilong Jia zhilongjia at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 00:53:25 CET 2016


Happy new year.

What is the common work-flow to build an microarray annotation package,
like hgu133a.db.

For some array, there are probe sequences available, then maybe mapping is
used? While for other situations, how to deal with? If code used by the
team available, that will be great. Thank you.

The specific goal is to build new platform annotation packages which are
not available now from Bioconductor (what I need is just probe to gene

It seems Bioconductor update the annotation package when a new version
releasing due to the update of gene symbols.

BTW, why name it as hgu133a.db instead of GPL96.db (from GEO) in
Bioconductor? And user have to find the mapping relationship between them,
though there are some mappings, such as


Zhilong JIA
zhilongjia at gmail.com

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