[Bioc-devel] TIMEOUTs on Morelia

Hartley, Stephen (NIH/NHGRI) [F] stephen.hartley at nih.gov
Mon Feb 1 19:06:11 CET 2016

The current devel build for DESeq2 has status TIMEOUT on Morelia. This is odd since the package builder gives it 40 minutes to complete, and it finishes in less than 5 on zin2 and muscato2.

A bunch of packages that depend on or suggest DESeq2 also timeout on Morelia: DiffBind, derfinder, DChIPRep, gage, phyloseq, rgsepd, systemPipeR, and TCC. All of them time out after 40 minutes, but take less than 10 minutes to build on zin2 and moscato2.

So I guess the question is: is it DESeq2, or is something wrong with the Morelia server? I don't have an OSX-mavericks machine to test it all out on.

Is there any way to get previous daily build reports, or are they deleted daily?


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