[Bioc-devel] Query about hgu133plus2 database

Bhattacharya, A (onco) a.bhattacharya at umcg.nl
Mon Dec 5 14:08:39 CET 2016


I was trying to get the gene mapping for one of the datasets in Affymetrix. I found a dissimilarity between Affymetrix file and the database in hgu133plus2.

As per example, For the probeset "1553011_at", I have found a mapping to both these ENTREZ ID's 6872 /// 138474 in the file downloaded from AFfymetrix website. But in the hgu133plus2 database it is only mapped to 138474. Moreover, in all the cases where a probeset is mapped to multiple genes in the Affymetrix file, only one of them is chosen as mapped gene in the hgu133plus2. I wish to know in what basis the other genes are ommitted from mapping. Was there any algorithm to select the mapped gene among the multiple one's?

The link to the Affymetrix file:- http://www.affymetrix.com/Auth/analysis/downloads/na36/ivt/HG-U133_Plus_2.na36.annot.csv.zip


Arkajyoti Bhattacharya

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