[Bioc-devel] fix build error

Aitor GONZALEZ aitor.gonzalez at univ-amu.fr
Mon Nov 30 16:33:12 CET 2015

Thanks for your reply. I was not sure if there was a problem on my side.

Brian Long <brian at bioconductor.org> wrote:Hi Aitor,
Sorry about that.  We're currently experiencing a problem with our build system (which generates these HTML pages).  A workaround to the problem has been implemented, however we'll need to wait for today's run of the build system to update the HTML on the website.  In devel (Bioconductor 3.3), I'd expect the build to be completed by about 2:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time).  At that point, we should see the results of your changes.
Please feel free to reach out again if you do not see this fixed later today and thanks for reporting the issue!
- Brian

On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 9:56 AM, Aitor GONZALEZ <aitor.gonzalez at univ-amu.fr> wrote:

I have submitted a package to bioconductor:

It currently shows a build error (version 1.3.0) due to a problem in the vignette. This error was generated several days ago (Nov 24).

I have fixed this problem, bumped the version to 1.3.1 and submitted the new version to the repository some days ago:

However I do not see the new version (1.3.0) in the developmment bioc 3.3 and there is still the build problem. How can I fix this build error.

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