[Bioc-devel] Bioconductor 3.1 release schedule now available

Martin, Tiphaine tiphaine.martin at kcl.ac.uk
Tue Mar 17 02:29:04 CET 2015

Dear Dan,

I have 2 naive questions.
I would like to know whether we (developers of a R package currently only in the development version of Bioconductor) need to say that we would like to have our packages accessible in the next version of Bioconductor or it is automatic for any packages passing R CMD build and check without warning.
If I have my new package that is going in the next release, should I need to upgrade the version of my package ( from 0.99.Z to 1.0.0 ) and push it in svn or is it also done automatically ?



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> Hi all,
> The next version of Bioconductor will be 3.0 and its release schedule
> is now up on our website:

3.1 of course! Sorry for the typo.

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