[Bioc-devel] BiocCheck examples error when using imported package functions

Glyn Bradley glyn.x.bradley at gsk.com
Fri Jan 16 16:31:50 CET 2015


Our package uses igraph.
We have
imports: igraph in the DESCRIPTION file and
import(igraph)in the NAMESPACE
But when we try to write examples for our functions that use igraph functions to create then use igraph objects from our input, BiocCheck fails on them.
How can we use igraph in our examples?

The error is
> ### ** Examples
> network <- graph.formula( "node0" -+ "node1")
> network <- set.edge.attribute(network,"Weight", 1, 1)
> network <- set.vertex.attribute(network,"ID", 1:2, 1:2)
> predictions <- MakePredictions("node0", +1, network, 2)
Error in if (network$isCCG) { : argument is of length zero
Calls: MakePredictions
Execution halted
** running examples for arch 'x64' ... ERROR



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