[Bioc-devel] do SummarizedExperiments really need colnames?

Morgan, Martin Martin.Morgan at roswellpark.org
Sat Dec 5 19:35:35 CET 2015

The philosophy motivating the check is that names make the relationship between samples and data explicit, rather than relying on fragile positional information. With this in mind, I wonder why your upstream work flow does not include dimnames on the matrix?

That said, the check was introduced in

r68053 | mtmorgan at fhcrc.org | 2012-07-27 03:35:55 -0400 (Fri, 27 Jul 2012) | 2 lines

SummarizedExperiment uses rowData=GRangesList() as defult


To the observations you mention below one could also add that the rownames() can be NULL, so there is an uncomfortable asymmetry.

I could (1) remove the check (but use the DataFrame() constructor in an admittedly hackish way, not wanting to rely on the internal new() function). I could also (2) construct row / column names as seq_len(nrow()) / seq_len(ncol()).

Or (3) the code could be tightened to more closely adhere to the philosophy above (for instance, I think duplication of columns implied by se[,2] = se[,1] is worth stop()ing over, and allowing colnames(se) = NULL only enables bad practice). Likely this would be disruptive.

For what it's worth, we have

> library(Biobase)
> eset = ExpressionSet(matrix(0, 1, 2))
> dimnames(eset)
[1] "1"

[1] "1" "2"
> colnames(eset) = NULL
Error in `sampleNames<-`(`*tmp*`, value = NULL) : 
  'value' length (0) must equal sample number in AssayData (2)

so dimnames are being imposed.

(2) would be my current compromise preference.

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Hello all,

At the start of the SummarizedExperiment constructor, there's a code
block that throws an error if 'colData' is not specified and the assay
matrices don't have column names.

Is this really necessary? In many cases, I just want to get a matrix
into the SE0 object without having to worry about column names. It
doesn't seem like there's a requirement for this in the SE0 class,
either; it seems happy with 'colnames(se0) <- NULL', and setting
'colData' to a 'DataFrame' with 'NULL' row names doesn't break the

The requirement for column names causes issues for some manipulations -
for example:

out <- SummarizedExperiment(matrix(0, 10, 5),
out[,1] <- out[,2]

## Error in `rownames<-`(`*tmp*`, value = c("2", "2", "3", "4", "5")) :
##  duplicate rownames not allowed

While this is fair enough, it's a bit annoying if I didn't want or need
the names in the first place.

The error mentioned above precedes the construction of the missing
'colData', so if column names are missing, then a more general way to
construct the 'colData' would to do 'new("DataFrame", nrows=ncol(assays))'.



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