[Bioc-devel] read fcs file from CyTOF with

Josef Spidlen jspidlen at bccrc.ca
Tue Sep 16 11:27:35 CEST 2014

Hi Niklaus,
we are routinely using read.FCS() to read FCS data from a CyTOF. I'd
suggest checking that you are using the latest version of flowCore. Also,
you may want to inspect the files in some other text/hex editor. The first
3 bytes of the file should read "FCS" (followed by version of the standard).


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> 'flowCore' does support CyTOF fcs as long as it follows the fcs
> standard.( "FCS2.0", "FCS3.0" and "FCS3.1")
> Based on your check by 'isFCSfile',  Your fcs file is probably not any
> one of these.
> >> *From: *Hurlimann Niklaus <Niklaus.Hurlimann at chuv.ch
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> >>
> >> I tried to upload an fcs-file generated by CyTOF with read.FCS() from
> >> the flowCore package. If I do the check with isFCSfile(files) it
> >> gives me the answer FALSE, obviously it does not recognize the fcs
> >> file as such. I am quite new in handling such type of data.
> >> My question is the flowCore package compatible with CyTOF fcs or not?
> >>
> >> Your comments are very much appreciated
> >>
> >> Niklaus Hurlimann

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