[Bioc-devel] BiocStyle on windows with spaces in path names

Martin Morgan mtmorgan at fhcrc.org
Wed Oct 8 21:20:02 CEST 2014

On 10/08/2014 11:41 AM, Henrik Bengtsson wrote:
> You may want to make those function local to latex().  I haven't
> verified it works (won't have time), but I bet a beer that it will
> work.

I'll take you up on the bet, at least for some definition of 'work'. For 
instance when debugging a vignette or writing a complicated Makefile for courses 
I commonly do the equivalent of

   R CMD Sweave foo.Rnw
   R CMD texi2dvi --pdf foo.tex

Any environment variables set running Sweave are not available running texi2dvi.


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