[Bioc-devel] Experiment Data biocViews updated

Sonali Arora sarora at fredhutch.org
Mon Dec 8 22:20:47 CET 2014

Hi everyone,

We have revised the Experiment Data biocViews and have updated most of the
Experiment Data packages using our word lookup function(
recommendBiocViews() ) .

Package Authors are encouraged to check the new biocViews added to their
Experiment Data package  and add more relevant ones from the new updated
Experiment Data biocViews tree.

The new Experiment Data biocView tree can be viewed at :

Just a friendly reminder - You are allowed to add biocViews only from the
category of biocViews that you're package belongs to.
For example, ExperimentData Packages can contain biocViews only from the
Experiment Data biocViews category.

We hope that this updated tree will help you find test data  more easily
and efficiently, for the new software packages that you write.

Thanks and Regards,

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