[Bioc-devel] annotation() to BiocGenerics?

Robert Castelo robert.castelo at upf.edu
Fri Sep 21 18:26:51 CEST 2012

hi Martin,

On 09/21/2012 05:59 PM, Martin Morgan wrote:
> On 09/21/2012 05:05 AM, Benilton Carvalho wrote:
>> Replace
>> Biobase::`annotation<-`(eScoEset, "")
>> by
>> Biobase::`annotation<-`(eScoEset, value="")
> why not just
> annotation(eScoEset) <- ""
> with importFrom(Biobase, "annotation<-") in the NAMESPACE?

well, my understanding of the general policy to use classes and methods 
defined in other packages is that i should *always* "import" them in the 

however, somehow i feel more comfortable using this pkg::f() idiom when 
i call something defined somewhere else because just reading the code i 
know immediately where imported things come from.

is there any reason related to performance, correctness or coding style 
by which you think i should not do it?


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