[Bioc-devel] A question about using proxy when developing R package

slzhao slzhao at sibs.ac.cn
Tue May 22 15:14:18 CEST 2012


         I am developing a R package. As I have to use a proxy to
access the internet, so I used the function "setInternet2()" in R to
download CRAN packages. But now I am writing a sweave based help file
in Lyx software. In this help file, the "download.file" function was
used in a example code. So I just used "setInternet2()" in this help
file. Of course it is not good as the end user need not a proxy. Does
anyone know how to resolve this problem?
         Thanks for the reply.

              Shilin Zhao
Key Laboratory of Systems Biology
Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences
320 Yue-Yang Road

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