[Bioc-devel] New Package: MiRaGE + miRNATarget,

Y-h. Taguchi tag at granular.com
Tue May 15 03:44:26 CEST 2012

Dear Sirs,

Here, I would like to announce that my package, MiRaGE, was added to
development slot.

This is a localized version of Web server, MiRaGE Server,
http://www.granular.com/MiRaGE/, which intends to
infer target gene regulation via miRNA using only target gene
expression profile.
I am glad if some one can comment about it such that I can improve it
as much as possible.

I do not think that there are so many Japanese here :-)
I am glad if you can help me  since we Japanese do not have so many
friends to talk about the development on Bioconductor, face to face.

yours, tag.

PS MiRaGE needs to install miRNATager experimental package
together to execute, although I have provided other option to download
data set from MiRaGE server directly.

Y-h. Taguchi, Dept. Phys., Chuo Univ., Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8551,Japan
Tel./Fax.  +81-3-3817-1791/1792  http://www.granular.com/tag/index-j.html

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