[Bioc-devel] BioC 2.5: Broken interpackage man page links

Seth Falcon seth at userprimary.net
Fri Sep 4 20:46:56 CEST 2009

* On 2009-09-04 at 09:37 -0700 Patrick Aboyoun wrote:
> R-devel has recently begun surfacing long-time broken man interpackage man 
> page links such as \link[base]{mget} (corrected link: \link[base:get]{mget} 
> since mget is described in base's get.Rd file). Up until this point, broken 
> interpackage man page links were not discovered through R CMD check. Now 
> these broken links are assigned WARNINGs.

There is some discussion in the r-core group about this warning and
the behavior of \link[foo]{bar}.  The discussion has not concluded,
but there is a reasonable chance that the behavior of \link will at
least be enhanced to support the commonly used form of
\link[package]{topic} (rather than {filename} and that the warning
will not appear for these cases.

+ seth

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