[Bioc-devel] implementing interfaces

James Bullard bullard at berkeley.edu
Tue Nov 25 21:11:18 CET 2008

hi all, this will probably demonstrate my lack of knowledge concerning  
OOP in R, but I am hoping for some quick answers. This is a problem I  
have faced before.

I want to use the method bg.correct.mas, this method takes as its  
object an AffyBatch. I don't have an AffyBatch nor do I want to  
massage my data structures into such an object, so I want to implement  
the AffyBatch interface. However, I can see no way to determine the  
list of generics which have methods defined on AffyBatch (and  
superclasses). I understand that things are method-centric, however I  
assume that being method-centric still leaves room for a way to know  
the methods specialized for a class/interface so that I as a  
programmer can define the suitable methods on a new class without  
having to dig around all over the place determining what I need to  
define. My question is:

is there a function to determine all the methods that are specialized  
for a certain class? Also, would it be possible to write a function  
adheresTo(classA, classB), which tells me that classB satisfies the  
calling requirements of classA (forget for a moment that we have  
public member variables).

note, i don't want to make a subclass of AffyBatch.

thanks, jim

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